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Would some one of our customers please post this on reddit. Please use this link below and we will give you some free tabs

https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkNetMarkets … rketplace/

Furby559 you are another vendor and without doubt a lair. What you are saying is completely false. I will explain where you went wrong in your attempt to tarnish our rep

. [Furby559] 1 tab inside a baggie then inside a postcard - is what you have said in your reddit post

Truth is you must have order from us quite a while ago when we used baggies and post cards as our stealth method. This was an old method we used many months ago. Furby is assuming we still use that method. He has assumed wrong as we have changed it since he last ordered, no doubt you were shilling us back then. Our customers will know we are telling the truth here. . You have been clearly caught out. I think you are shill buying from us so you can leave neg feedback. . To hide your actions you have just sent the package to a random address rather than using your own address. Most likely your country would give away who you are and which vendor you are. .


We have been under shill attack on reddit for quite sometime now, this is nothing new for us. The shill attacks have increased lately and we think it is due to our super low prices that no one can match.

People ask why are we so much cheaper and they say our prices are to good to be true etc etc. The truth there are a few reasons for this. We can afford to sell at a cheaper price because we do not have any middle men sucking the life out of us. . The second reason is when we run our Birthday sale we were warned by a long standing vendor to hurry up and end the sale or trouble would be coming our way. We will not be told by anyone how to run our business, we crunched the numbers and decided to keep the prices low and we will continue to be the best value for money on the Darknet.

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