The victim responded to dreams twitlonger

A lawsuit can take months or years to produce a result. Until then, this whole thing is just sort of up in the air. In my opinion he didn't address this person's allegations well enough, he just sort of denies that she was underage, and even if she wasn't, it's still very weird behavior. That could be because he's taking legal action and so he can't say much, but that leaves a ton of people not able to fully trust him until that legal action takes place (which again can take a very long time). As of right now, he was messaging inappropriately (not necessarily sharing explicit photos) with an alleged minor and either won't or can't refute it.

The fandom will literally never recover from this. People are leaving en masse, and even those who aren't leaving are keeping him at arm's length. All of his closest friends and colleagues now have to make the decision whether to cut ties with him, because publicly defending him or even being associated with him at this point is risky. People will be wary of trusting anyone associated with him going forward, and this applies especially to George and Sapnap, who live with him.

Things will never be the same irrelevant of how this ends.

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