What is your In-Game Name? My in game name is awesomo39. Would you want any Alternate or Camera accounts whitelisted as well? And if so, what are the account names? As I'm sure you know, FTB is quite a grind, one of many reasons that I love it. If I were to join I'd like my alternate account 'Nacho_Party' whitelisted to help time-lapse large builds. Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel? (Not required) If so, what is the channel name? (So we can check out your content!) I do have accounts on both, however I do not upload as I am yet to find something I feel worthy of uploading. If I decide to record and upload content from SwarmCraft it will go direct to my website. http://calebnash.net/ Will you be recording/streaming our server? I'm not sure yet, I would like to record and upload which in turn may bring more players to SwarmCraft but I'm the kind of person that can't commit to frequent uploads unless I'm enjoying myself. I do however feel as though the chance of myself recording will be quite high as I've played FTB several times before and I get really into it and I LOVE it! How old are you? Sadly, I'm only 16. I know that your server states that you want applicants 18 or over, however I personally feel as though I'm very mature for my age. I am not insensitive, I can take jokes, I know what I'm doing and I won't be a pest. I am fine with mature conversations and language and I feel as though I would be just as good of a player as anybody over 18 that gets accepted. Where are you from? (Not required) I am from Australia. I have no issues playing on a Chicago hosted server. My personal SMP server is hosted in Chicago and my connection is fine. Have you played on a modded server before? (We'd be happy to show you around!) Yes, I used to play Technic Pack back in the early days and when FTB was released I moved onto that. I wouldn't say that I'm extremely experienced with the advanced side of things, but I know enough about the mods to understand what I'm doing and I know how to use google if I have any issues. The next few questions are optional, but filling them out will increase the likelihood of you being whitelisted! What is your favorite mod, and why? I really like Buildcraft and IC2. I know they are probably the most basic and well known mods in FTB but I really enjoy the pipe aspect and I find it really fun to play with. IC2 (Industrial Craft) is essential for me, I love the power, the storage, the machines. Everything about IC2 is really enjoyable to me. How often do you play? More than I'd like to admit :P several hours a day once I get into the swing of things. What is your play style? for instance, are you more of a creative builder, or a technical builder? I'm a very technical builder. I like to have the basic forestry farm gear but my long term goals are to build huge transformers and reactors and things of that nature. Do you play more relaxed or do you tend to get to end game items quickly? I don't like to rush the game, I feel as though it's more enjoyable if you take things slow and enjoy every aspect instead of rushing for end game items and getting bored. Honestly, I think with FTB it's too hard to get end game items fast, everything has to be ground out and worked for which is why I enjoy it so much. Do you like to play by yourself, or in a group? (living close together, talking via teamspeak/skype, etc.) I don't like to be isolated in game, however I will have teleportation pads (if included) to get to my distant builds like reactors. I like to be close so I can help people if needed. I also don't mind sharing my machines with people so if they can get to my base and use my stuff that's fine. I enjoy Skype calls and communication with other players. But sometimes I like to relax and listen to music while playing.

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