This Week in Battlefield V - July 8th Edition

So my issue with this is a web as follows. It's not more fun and it's not more immersive then what we had before, and as a gay man who suffered a lot growing up, it doesn't make me feel good about the whole gender equality thing this game made a stink about either, because it's literally forcing the binary choice false dilemma into my damn face. If a game is going to make such a big stink about that, and then decide it's not important post launch, what message does that send? Was it never that serious? Are the people in charge just that ignorant? Or did the people who actually cared get reassigned to another game and replaced by a live service team that at a fundamental level never cared?

Remember, this game rubs it in your face with the end of round screen. You see a character you didn't select, maybe didn't want, and can't control. Every time. I'd be happy enough if that changed, and I just saw what my last selected character was.

The fact that vehicles are so broken both in bug terms and mechanic terms, many serious bugs unchanged since the Alpha really doesn't help matters. Verhicles feel like an afterthought in BFV. Not just the armor, or the planes, but basic stuff like a jeep not spawning is so much worse then BF1, which was overwhelmingly worse then any prior battlefield to begin with.

As far as classes and abilities goes, I see arguments both ways, but I found battlefield games played far better, and teams were far more balanced back when tanks and planes didn't have special classes to begin with. The franchise hasn't been made stronger by this. DICE seems to have taken the message that people liked chaos in battlefield and gone from letting players create it themselves into intentionally trying to twist the game to ensure it's nothing else.

As far as I see it tankers have the repair tool is just a way to encourage people to leave tanks, get killed, and give the tank to the enemy anyway. None of them should have that.

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