Weekend Surcharge!?!

I do. A group of them, actually. Most people that are on here whinging have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. The restaurant industry award in its current form makes it next to impossible to run a profitable restaurant when you’re taking into account things like weekend & public holidays penalties and outer limits payments (assuming you’re doing everything by the book, which we are) so the surcharges you see at almost every venue these days are in place to offset that. Staff are working to serve you on a day when you and people in most other “normal” jobs are off. So why shouldn’t you pay a little extra to ensure they are getting paid properly to do so?

The “include it in the normal price” people have no idea how complex costing for restaurants can be, and are the same people who likely complain everything has gotten too expensive. These are also the same people that have a whinge about “nobody wanting to work in hospitality because people aren’t paid properly.” Guess you just can’t win.

In reality, though, across our venues the people who complain about the well posted weekend surcharges are in the very, very, very tiny minority - we’re talking 1-2 guests a week across thousands who dine with us on weekends. And almost nobody is “voting with their feet” as so many here claim to do. Our venues are busiest on the days when we charge those surcharges.

Reddit isn’t indicative of the real world.

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