Former US Marine rifle and pistol coach is fed up with gun nuts

I was getting angry and emotional. If I insulted you, please know it wasn't personal. I don't know you. I'm just old, angry, and frustrated by this logic.

I own 2 guns. I'm not asking for people to give them up. I occasionally carry. But you're really making the excuse that the difference is that the AR fires one shot and the 16-2 can fire 3? I've fired both quite a bit. If you know what the 223 can do then how on God's Earth would you want that on the streets and available to the mentally unwell? Also who the fuck wants a 223 round popping off indoors??? I was with a MOUT unit in the 90's, training in concrete and plywood rooms, or in a fucking sewer pipe. You checked your earplugs almost as much as the safety. The AR is a terrible defense platform.

Also, your last point about mentally unhinged people running around is exactly why myself and many others carry daily.

So you need a gun to protect yourself from people, that are mentally unwell, and can buy a weapon that's easily modified to work as an automatic weapon, and without magazine capacity?

Why the fuck can't we just enact sensible laws that keep crazy people away from them. Yes, criminals will always blah blah blah. Petty street criminals aren't the ones shooting up schools, churches, and supermarkets.

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