Weekly Question Thread: Ask questions here – September 04, 2022

I've never been dm before so if you have could you give any advice for my friend who is dm. Another player refuses to play a new character that doesn't have the same personality as the last and will only play elf. The said player character is pretty working on a redemption arc because he flooded half a country by dealings of an evil God. Apparently they've talked about a back up character because his character is pretty squishy (samurai fight/ wizard multiclass). He said he wants to come back as his son but in game his son is not old enough or maybe doing reborn lineage with his character and the player pretty much plays himself (personally i dont think is wrong). So being the most neutral ground of the group it seems dm wants to more I guess world build from players and more flexible/creative from player while player maybe isn't that imaginative and likes what he like

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