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[5e] How can I handle meta gamming in my group as a player? My friends and I have a game going (Waterdeep heist). I'm not the DM, I am a player. Besides me and the DM I think most of the group is new to DnD and some have never played at all.

There's a ton of meta gamming that goes on in my group. For example, the DM will tell a character something and the rest of the party will use that information even though their character wasn't there to hear that info. They often try to change their decisions based on their rolls ("Oh I rolled badly so can I do this instead?"). I think most of the players don't realize what they are doing is meta gaming. They approach the game very much like a video game and use video game logic a lot. It hasn't been that big of an issue in the past but now I think its starting to ruin the experience for everyone.

In our last game we (lvl 6 party) dungeon crawled through a mage tower in order to reach a powerful wizard's private sanctum. When we entered the sanctum we came face to face with the high level wizard (he had lvl 7 and 8 spells) themselves. The DM has told the party multiple times that this wizard was very powerful and would wreck us. Instead of running away, my other party members decided to run deeper into the sanctum, accidently agroing a bunch of extra mobs in addition to this super powerful wizard. They decided not to run away because they could see the size of the map and the amount of unexplored areas. They said we must have been led here for a reason and haven't explored the whole map yet so there must be more we are supposed to do! They didn't want to leave empty handed. They argued that if this was a video game, this is what they would have done. I think they don't believe our DM will kill anyone even though someone's character already died.

We should TPK next session. It will have to be a big stretch to some how not. Our DM doesn't really call out people when they meta game. Is there anything I can do as one of the more experienced players at the table to get them away from so much meta gaming?

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