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I just bought a 3DS and have no games for it, other than my old DS-games. I've looked at Fire Emblem Awakening, pokemon alpha sapphire, a link between worlds and some more games. I do like pokemon (especially competitive battling), but I didn't really like X&Y.

I'm just worried that I'm tired of the series because I don't find the story interesting (it is written for young children so there's no depth really..), the battles are okay but often times too easy and simply repetitive (and yes, I don't use Exp.share and I like being underleveled) and while I do enjoy competitive battling, the website "pokemon showdown" is better to use when you just want quick battles. I also tried the special demo and, man, it just proved how simple the games can be. My comments about this game may seem shocking seeing as I really like the series (I've played all the main-games, watched the animé and even read some of the manga!). I guess I'm just tired of the series, but I still like the pokémon though..

I also tried the Fire Emblem Awakening demo, and while it was interesting to experience something new since I haven't played any previous fire emblem games, I don't think it would entertain me that much (I may be wrong though, the demo only covered the first 2 chapters or something). The story that was introduced didn't get me excited, I mean, you're a character who wakes up and meets random people in a random world fighting random enemies and meeting some other random characters. This is fine and all, but it feels like I'm thrown in to this plot that doesn't have any depth to it (at least in the demo, mind you), and I'm expected to care what's going on? I don't know, maybe it's just myself who critizes the game too much and too quickly.

I haven't played any zelda game, ever. I do find a link between worlds (based on the trailers) to be somewhat exciting and fun, but I'm not sure.

To be honest, I haven't played a "good" game that I've really enjoyed in years, and that's not a joke. Now, maybe it's because I critizise games too much, and to that I say, well maybe. But I hope you all can prove me that I'm wrong and give me some suggestions on games!

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