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I've been chugging along the original Far Cry for the past week and I have to say I've enjoyed it immensely despite the dated graphics and game mechanics. The original Far Cry was actually made by the same guys who made Crysis aka the Crytek team so Far Cry was probably way ahead of it's time in terms of graphics. It's a 10 year old game but here's a couple screenshots I took of the game. Pretty damn good for it's age I must say:

I'm playing on the hardest difficulty called 'realistic' (this is when games had 6 different difficulty settings to choose from) which is all but that...the enemies are basically the spawn of Neo from The Matrix where they can shoot bullets even with their gun pointed and the ground and not even close to aiming at you. The guards in watch towers can basically snipe you with rocket launchers and have unlimited rocket ammo. Their line of sight is basically Hawkeye level even when you're prone sneaking the entire way. It's pretty ridiculous but might as well challenge myself right?

It feels like the entire game is straight from a B grade hollywood script. The main character is an ex CIA agent who was on a cruise boat with this hot chick until somebody blows their ship up and steals his girlfriend. He swims to shore and ends up on an island where mad scientists are doing experiments on live animals causing them to turn into alien like beasts with guns for arms. You basically Rambo the entire island to save you girl only to realize she's a CIA agent who tricked you into coming with her to stop this whole operation and all you can say is quick one liners in hopes of winning her over.

The reason I want to play Far Cry 4 is because although cheesy and dated, Far Cry 1 has made me fall in love with this open world type game which allows you the freedom to take many routes get to your destination. On lower difficulties you could probably steal kill everyone similar to Deus ex which could be cool.

Far Cry 4 seems to have taken everything the original did to another level. It seems to be the only game Ubisoft hasn't screwed up this season which makes me happy seeing how highly praise the other 3 are. I'd love to go on another open world adventure with true modern graphics and see if it holds a candle to the original. Maybe it's even cheesier than the original but I can dig it.

Thanks for the chance and opportunity!

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