Went to see the last 30 seconds to laugh and see why channel got pulled, thought this was her man’s till someone in the chat said it was Gina

I understand it would take time and a TON of money I get it wouldn’t be easy. But if everyone who is big came together I’m talkin penguinz to ishowspeed an all put the money in one pot to make one site by creators for creators. It’s the ultimate return. Because even when the platform takes a cut of the money it’s YOUR platform so it all comes right back. They would be cutting out the middle man it’s easier said then done but they definitely have the money to do it if they all came together. Adin makes money 24/7 now there giving millions for you to sit there an make even more money. It can be done. The mindset of your comment is why things don’t change people are to scared to put the work in against these big companies when they are the reason the mf lights are on at those big companies.

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