Alien dreams again

Funny you say that, after my first shot I had a very bizarre dream that felt incredibly vivid, I reconnected with a deceased family member. I've never subscribed to any faith or beliefs my entire life, but this interaction was surrounded by a warmth, i can't explain it, in the dream it felt like the middle of August, dry heat, everything had a bit of a yellow/orange tinge to it, the air was thick, and my grandfather and I chatted for hours about all the things he didn't get to experience, he passed about 3 years ago, I told him about the pandemic, my accomplishments, my short comings, and afterwards he just kept telling me to not take things for granted, and to try and experience what he never could. At the end we hugged and went seperate ways, but I can't stress enough how vivid and real everything was. I felt the warmth of his skin, I could feel and hear the texture of the windbreaker jacket he always wore, I forgot his voice but I could hear him clear as day. I know this has nothing to do with aliens but I thought it was interesting that you mentioned bizarre dreams after the covid shot. To this day it hasn't faded from my mind like all of my other dreams, and the overwhelming feeling of compassion I felt in that moment has stuck with me since, not sure what to make of it.

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