What are ‘Asian values’ and is the concept still relevant today?

Old article but interesting. Asian values are consensus, harmony, unity, and community but the phrase "Asian values" is a code word for authoritarianism. Asian leaders use it to justify their authoritarian actions and when Westerners call them out on it they say, "You just don't understand Asian values." There are some who rejected it like Lee Teng-Hui and Kim Dae-jung. It's largely faded away but Singaporean leaders still use it.

Honestly, there is no reason community and family and such can't exist in a multiparty democracy. Multiparty democracy isn't inherently divisive. Look at Ireland's two major parties. They're basically best friends. Even the Tories and Labour get along. They make jabs at each other but in Parliament it comes off (usually) as friendly disagreements and humorous jabs. The article mentions that Asian governments who use the phrase treat the country as a family and the State as a father who protects and meddles in it but every child has a mom and a dad (biologically) and Asian families, especially, have uncles and aunts and grandmas and grandpas to raise the child. A father isn't the only figure to raise and protect a family in any society. The father can hand the reins to someone else once in awhile. Also, a good father gives their child more and more freedom as they get older, even in Asian societies.

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