What are the chances this virus passes through you and you barely even notice it’s there? Has anybody had truly MINOR symptoms?

Pretty sure I had / have it. I’m a bartender in one of the harder hit areas in the US, so I’m basically in the highest tier of at-risk of infection. On Saturday the 14th I woke up around 5 AM (technically Sunday the 15th) burning hot. I kicked the dog off the bed assuming I was too hot because of him, then a few minutes later got up to pee. This is where everything gets hazy for me.

As far as I recall I got to the hallway between my bedroom and the bathroom, and immediately broke out in a head to toe cold sweat while simultaneously getting extremely dizzy. I collapsed in the hallway and hit my head on the mirror. Managed to shout out loud enough to my girlfriend to wake her up.

I apparently got up with her help and went to the bathroom to pee and fell over again. She got me some Tylenol and got me back into bed where I lied awake under every sheet and blanket in the house shivering my ass off. Eventually I fell asleep but the following week was weird.

I felt “fine” for the most part. Aside from that one scary episode I had a bit of a cough, maybe once every 2 hours. An on and off headache. Some tightness in the chest. Mild fatigue that I’m still battling.

No fever ever. No aches. Just one weird night followed by 5 days of a relatively gross cold. As of now I’m fine aside from fatigue but honestly everything I’m feeling and did feel after that night could just as easily be attributed to anxiety and seasonal allergies which I also get hit with this time of year.

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