Possessive dirty talk during sex... using the word "my." Can we discuss this please :)?

Single 34M somewhat dominant guy, active on Tinder, here. Besides the few relations in between, that do not have this element, I'd say 80-90% of women I sleep with, react positive or very positive to this. Sentences include the classics: - "I like filling you / You need to be filled (up)", - "Do you like when I do X" or "What so you need?" provoking a response, - "Tell me what you want me to do" but I actually decide, - "Spread your legs for me to do X" and so forth. All delivered in my best growling manly sex voice.

It's a strange power game, where the guy has the perceived control. Besides me liking it myself, I really enjoy seeing my partners became wanton, even reckless to a degree, in their wanting to submit themselves.

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