What are some of the hard hitting questions that Jericho will ask John Cena on his live podcast after Raw to seem edgey but will really be watered down and written by Vince himself?

I would love to know where I tried to belittle anybody

Right where you derailed a decent comment by going after the spelling for no reason. And it might've been "perfectly" informative if it hadn't been wrong. Just because you speak American English doesn't mean you should be correcting other acceptable forms of English spelling because your simple brain can't handle things that are different.

I didn't portray myself to be perfect or imply I was perfect.

Neither did the original comment you corrected, so maybe you should've taken your own advice and not brought up information that everyone else was aware of. His intent was clear.

If acknowledging what you are doing is "classically defensive attacks" then so be it

If that was the case then find the place where I brought up anything remotely in the vicinity of your "sexuality or race". That doesn't exist so you were obviously trying to make a straw-man that you could attempt to take the high road against, except you clearly don't know where a high road is because you have to fabricate things to create a universe where you're in the right.

I don't feel like going through the effort of back and forth insults.

You very clearly do. You've been consistently wrong, consistently butthurt, and consistently came back for more when it could've ended before it began and at every stage since if you'd just heeded your own advice and chilled out about various facets.

It probably never occurred to you to simply say "my bad" did it? Guess you can either try again or bow out. Either way, you don't deserve a name that cool with common sense this nonexistent.

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