[Johnny Gargano] I guess I wasn't terrible 10 years ago when you came to me, and I replied with advice for your guys. As you've stated yourself, though.. maybe you're out of your element here, Brad

A lot of people are in a holding pattern until Reigns drops the title.

It's one of the downsides to having these really long title runs, if there's a firm plan set for it then no one else can really get to the top of the card and if they do they get their momentum halted like Drew, who gets stuck in another thrown together tag team, which then affects Sheamus because he's supposed to be the leader of his stable, who then get pushed down the card themselves because they can't do programs with their boss. Same reason Edge is endlessly feuding with Judgement Day instead of going after the title like he said he would when he returned.

If Reigns loses at Mania I expect a lot to happen in the months after and I think we'll see better things for Gargano than just backstage comedy

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