Jon Moxley on people hating the Bucks: "A bunch of people just love to hate the Young Bucks because they hate themselves, I guess. These old-timers. They give Young Bucks shit and call them spot monkeys and superkicks. They hate the Bucks because that's their own issue, their own insecurities."

It's honestly weird that, almost a decade after the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling formed, only one of the guys has grown as a wrestler. The Bucks and Cole are doing the same exact thing (but to Cole's credit, he did sort of max out his charisma since and when he was in NXT was consistently put with people who were able to hide his in-ring limitations) and Roddy is a boring (albeit consistent) worker still.

Steen/Owens definitely had a rut there for a while, but I'm not sure there's a more trusted guy out there to put on a big match and make a big story beat happen. And his evolved style can work against literally anyone.

Maybe one of these days we can see Omega and Owens go toe to toe.

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