Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin & Mr McMahon hanging out in catering

I agree. Goldberg don’t have a shady past of racism, domestic violence, substance abuse, or alcoholism. The only issue was him not being trained well enough to where he’s hurt some guys physically. I’ve seen fans drag him for filth and call him a horrible person. I watch in the shadows but they’re still cheering on problematic “legends” who come back thousands of times throughout wrestling history. They’ll say he was in it for the money but forgetting that’s what all of them are there for. I liked him as a young kid and had his shirt in the 90s but I noticed once i came online in wrestling spaces he’s hated with a grueling passion, so I just don’t say nothing. He’s the least problematic for someone who’s a Gen-X born wrestler the rest all were extremely problematic that I have tolerated for ages. I know downvotes are going to flow but oh well. I know he told bret sorry but bret is still hateful towards him that which I thought he was fine with forgiving him but nope. People ignored or have Steve a slap knowing he did have that domestic violence case, ever since then I’ve always treaded lightly on stone cold because as a woman he gave me misogyny vibes after that incident that was true no “alleged”. Same as Hulk Hogan forgiven thousands of times but is a racist boomer.

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