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The Rhinoceros Party of Canada

For 30 years, the Rhinoceros Party was a recognized political party within Canada. Although it was a joke party, it's members have ran as official candidates in many MP and Prime Minister elections.

Some of the campaign stances of the Rhinoceros Party include:

  • Providing higher education by building taller schools
  • Repealing the law of gravity
  • Building one nuclear power plant per each household, stating that not only will it provide energy but it will also save energy because indoor lighting will now be provided radioactive citizens
  • Men should be allowed to be wet nurses
  • Counting the Thousand Islands to check if the Americans stole any
  • In 1984, they proposed switching from the gold standard to the snow standard. Although they realized that the economy might suffer in the Summer
  • Later, they proposed switching the national currency to bubblegum to allow for easier inflation and deflation

One member, Alfred the Alien, ran in the 1988 Prime Minister elections. He had a number of interesting policies.

  • He controversially changed the party platform from "Sex, Drugs, and Rock'n'Roll" to "Safe Sex, Prescription Drugs, and Easy Listening"
  • His campaign slogan was "The primary obligation of a political party is to have one."
  • He supported global warming as part of the savannafication process to create a better Rhino habitat
  • He wanted to give Canadian citizenship to Jose Cuervo because all rhinoceroses love tequila

They have never won any elections, but have still consistently gained a considerable amount of votes. From the looks of it, they usually get 50,000-100,000 votes in the federal elections for Prime Minister. And in the past, the Rhinoceros Party has actually come in second place in MP elections, beating 2 out of Canada's 3 main political parties.

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