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2015 App-O-Rama (AOR) and Churn Advice Archive  

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Yesterday 11:07 pm by hnf8705 Hola Flyertalk.. It's been a while!

First of all, I'm trying to get to AuStRaLiA / NeW zEaLaNd NOV 2015 with my DH. I've been researching, but there is so much info! We were hoping to fly biz w/ lay flat seats, but so far I've found that option would have needed to be booked last Nov. So we may be in economy, but I still want to use miles to book!

Our dates are pretty flexible. I have a good friend living in Aussie til end of Nov so we would like to get to Aussie first, and then go to NZ. I know i can get more info on details for routing elsewhere in FT, but my main reason for posting here is because i need advice on my next apps for cards to get miles for the trip.

Here's what i have: (all are open) Wells Visa: 8/2005 (oldest card) Kohls: 01/2007 2 AA Citi personal cards: approved 3/2013 and 7/2013 2 US Air Barclay cards: approved 4/2013 and 5/2014 Amex SPG: approved 8/2013 Best Buy: 9/2013 JCPennys: 01/2014 Chase Ink Bold biz: approved 5/2014 Barclay Arrival Plus: approved 9/2014 Chase Sapphire Preferred: approved 9/2014

Last apps were approved 9/14. My current FICO from Barclays is 761. Credit Karma says 757 for Transunion and 762 for Equifax. DH has recovering credit and so far only has miles in US AIR and AA. When they combine he'll have 100,000+ so we are hoping to use AA to get down under. Im aware of the Citi time clock rules and an app now 3/2015 puts me at 18 mths exactly. Here is what I'm thinking of applying for:

Citi AA personal #3 for 50k after 3k spend in 3 mths Citi AA biz #1 for 50k after 3k spend in 3 mths IHG Rewards club select card: 70k after 1k spend in 3 mths

My current miles: AA: 59,487 US: 50,919 SPG: 39, 449 Chase UR: 115,703 Arrival: 46,262

I was thinking of moving my SPG to AA w/ 5,000 bonus per 20k for an additional 50k in AA, but I'm not sure i need that if I get the 2 additional Citi cards. OR can I transfer SPG to Chase UR and fly both DH on a diff airline? Also, any other cards I should consider?

I'm just looking for advice/comments/suggestions. Anything at all is much appreciated!!! Reply #77
Today 11:04 am by minerman Alrighty,

I am doing a one year around the world trip and I've been stockpiling miles and points across several programs. I am departing in June, so this is my last of 3 AOR's:

Currently have about 250k AA, 100k UA, 100k Delta. 250k IHG, 130k Marriott, 100k Carlson

Credit Score is 731 TU and 717 Exp. Going to let it recover for a year after these last apps.

Old Rewards Card: IHG Rewards

AOR #1 in August 2014

-Barclays US Air Card 40k - Approved -Citi AA Platinum Select 50k - Approved -Capital One Venture One 20k - Approved -US Bank Club Carlson 85k - Approved -Chase Mariott Rewards 70k - Approved

AOR #2 in November 2014

-Amex Gold Delta Skymiles 50k - Approved -Amex Gold Business Delta Skymiles 50k - Approved -Chase United Explorer 50k - Approved -Citi Business AA Platinum Select 50k - Approved -US Bank Club Carlson Business 85k - DENIED

AOR #3 Upcoming (Last chance to get cards before trip - 1 Year to recover credit score Going for broke!)

Planned: -Chase Sapphire Preferred -Barclays Arrival+ -Capital Venture Rewards -Amex Starwood Preferred -Chase Ink Plus

Considering: -Another try at Club Carlson Business? -Chase United Business instead of Ink? -Try to open a 2nd Barclays US Air with 1st remaining open? -Citi ThankYou? Is it worth it? Any other citi cards that I should get? HHonors?

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