What did you originally go to the therapist for?

Imo it is not likely to have this many severe neuropsych conditions. I deal wyth the same issue altgough for me they said PTSD dissociation accounts for the schizotypal stuff and ADHD + OCD accounts for what I thought could be autism. When I asked about the severely protracted nature of the socially anxiety my psychiatrist said it’s a part of chronic / complex PTSD. *¯_(ツ)_/¯

At this point I just throw my arms up and say whatever. I do deal with hypervigilant rage which flares any time I feel under duress. It’s not autustuc meltdown either bc it’s paranoid and adversarial. Yesterday to no one in particular after I took my lithium I said do you think I care? Go fuck yourselves. You guys want to come for me go ahead. Then as I repeat go ahead I threw the lithium bottle into the wall repeatedly until it was pieces.

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