What is going on with recent increase in chemical imbalance theory for depression is debunked discussion?

Also depends on the specific SSRI too, I think. After being on Zoloft for years, I started feeling like a depressed zombie. I went off it, and each time new doctors put me back on, it kept happening.

I think my body built up resistance to it, but I am unsure. Maybe I was always a bit numb on it, but only because my mom hated kids being on meds. It literally took years of severe OCD and depression and me attacking a kid in school for her to get on Zoloft. That bitch.

But trying Prozac for a couple weeks, thanks to an online noctor thing? Huge difference. I actually felt at peace, and coping skills actually worked. I and am chomping at the bit to get a new Prozac proscription from my current psych, who actually knows what she's doing.

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