What is IMVU and why do they want FA?

A helpful FAQ

Why the Acquisition?

IMVU is a 10 year old community built entirely by customers for customers; it is sustained by creative individuals finding like-minded people online, who accept and encourage their creative, expressive sides, anonymously. At a high level, while the art form is entirely different, the guiding principles - inclusiveness, celebrating creativity, embracing diversity - are the overarching umbrella that unites the two distinct communities.

IMVU is not today, and will not be tomorrow, an exclusively furry community. Furries are one of the many, many, many diverse audiences that meet on IMVU, to socialize and find others that understand them and share their same interests.

During discussions with Dragoneer we found FA had huge potential, a passionate community, and a dedicated leader, but was struggling with financial and resource challenges. Dragoneer has the vision but was not able to devote his full attention to the site. We realized that working together we could help FA get the support it needs to make improvements. When talking to Dragoneer about the possibility of an acquisition, every one of his requirements were based on wanting to make sure the end result was right for the FA community… this is when I was convinced that FA will have an amazing future.

IMVU is making a commitment of money and resources to FA that far exceeds what FA was able to achieve on its own. I believe FA will grow to being a self-supporting community if it has the focus, people and resources to make customer experience improvements. With IMVU’s support and keeping a hands-off approach to how FA is operated, I’m looking forward to a rewarding outcome for everybody, most of all FA’s community.

One of the most asked questions: "Why IMVU?" which ties well into a question asked by user Sketh, "How is IMVU even remotely relevant to FA? An online 3d avatar chat system acquiring a furry art gallery...?"

FA is a community of creative people sharing their artwork. IMVU is also a community of creative people sharing their artwork - 3D models and fashion creations. While FA is dedicated to the furry audience, IMVU welcomes and celebrates many, many diverse audiences, furries being a significant one of them.

"And what does it meant for us furries?" asked by DirtyPaws

Other than FA having a lot more resources 100% dedicated to improving the site, it shouldn’t mean anything different than before the acquisition. You will see advertising, but FA is being run by Dragoneer, not by IMVU. Oh, and FA won’t need community donations to survive, so no more pledge drives. :)

"What does IMVU get out of this?" asked by Michichael

We think that by supporting FA they can build a better experience and bigger community and make something more valuable for IMVU, FA and the furry community in general.

"What will IMVU do with FA?" asked by Roycefox

That’s a better question for Dragoneer. We really believe that FA knows what is best for the FA community, so we have committed support both financially and through other resources. We want to let it run independently and see it thrive.

A LOT of users seemed concerned that the ads coming will be trying to auto-install spyware/malware

The ads being delivered come from a top advertising provider for websites (Google ad network) and are screened thoroughly as part of their review process to ensure no spyware/malware is included.

Among the other general questions:

"Does IMVU plan on changing FA?"

IMVU plans on supporting FA changing the site to make improvements, but FA is run independently, so changes will be determined by Dragoneer and team.

"What is IMVU doing to help furry artists who have had their work stolen?" and "What's the best process to protect my art?"

Stolen content is bad for everybody in the community, from the author that sees their hard work being exploited to the community that misses the opportunity to connect with the author, explore their other works and even make a new friendship. IMVU wants to ensure that people only share content they have the rights to share. If stolen content is posted on the FA site, the process is likely to stay the same. If stolen art is posted on IMVU, the legal owner of the art can file a DMCA Takedown notice.

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