Question for Democrats who vape.

As an old person (68) I think I can speak for us. We were the ones who started the movement to free thinking. We said no to our government about the Vietnam war and won. It took us twelve years of hard fighting and lots of us suffered but in the end we did make a change. Unfortunately, it needs to happen again. Our government (yours and mine) needs serious change and until all of us young and old step up and let our voices be heard then we will continue to be ignored. It took sit-ins and rally's and people chaining them selves together and draft dodgers and a lot more but again in the end we won. The same thing happened with civil rights and women's rights and abortion, the right for women to vote and on and on. Nothing gets done until enough of us get really angry and are willing to be targets and stand up for what is right. Yes, our government is corrupt and I for one would like to see it changed. I makes me sick to see how hate mongering is now the norm for politicians to get elected. I would like them to start trying to be honest and forthright but the only way that can happen is if we the public demand it. Our little issue is no different. Until enough of us are willing to be in the forefront then we are doomed to become another number on someones chart of statistics. Big tobacco, which means all the tobacco companies and large pharmaceuticals are sitting in their high rise offices, counting their money and laughing at us. We are like flies buzzing around a horses tail. We are small potatoes and no one is going to take us seriously until we gather like a swarm of bees and start stinging. When that happens some of us will become targets of government investigations and some will be thrown in jails. Cops will target us as they showed in the movie "Rambo" which was actually about bigotry and bully mentality. Unfortunately, bigotry and bully mentality is exactly what we are dealing with hear and we need to find a way to fight back on every front. I applaud the efforts of the person or persons who are attempting to fight the California Department of Health. I think this is the right way to go about it. Today we have at our disposal the greatest mass media system in the world. It's called the internet and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We can change the perspective of the general public who all use these devices today. No longer are we at the mercy of the news media and big money to keep us ignorant of the truth. So join with me an old man who is not afraid to fight and post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other way we can think of and let our voices be heard.

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