What kind of Dreams have you had in the past?

Last night was so fucking weird. First I kept having nightmares where I'd fall off the bed or sink through it still thinking I was awake and I'd wake up panting. When I finally fell asleep I was just like watching a bunch of movies and TV shows and I don't know if any of them are even remotely based on real shows/movies... there were like 6 of them and unfortunately I don't remember much.

Then my old coworkers and I were working at our failing business. It was like some sort of sporting match taking place on a tennis court but everyone road some sort of personal hovercraft things. Somehow we got too little business and shut down.

Two of them were Malcolm in the Middle themed: Hal (Bryan Cranston) discovered some ancient remains of a couple humanoids, and just like got waist deep in the mud (it was during a heavy flood) and just... fucked the remains and the earth got pregnant and had a baby. Some guy comes to the door, and beats the shit out of Hal for discovering the resulting baby was a result of the rape of the guy's ancient ancestors.

Immediately after that episode ended, there was another similar episode where instead Malcolm's mom Louis (don't know the actress) does the same, but she gets herself pregnant by somehow extracting ancient semen from the burial site and injecting herself with it (it required two turkey basters for some reason). the ending was better this time however, and I was in this part, there was a family reunion involving a bunch of Swedish people and big green leafy vegetables were consumed.

Then there were a few disney-esque movies starring the likes of Shia Labeouf. Johnny Depp was there at some point.

Another part was a scene out of Breaking Bad that never happened. Walt (Bryan fucking Cranston again) was in the top story of a small house with the DEA entering the first story. He was wearing a really comfy looking robe and escaped to the balcony on the roof, and somehow shimmied across like a half-inch protrusion along the side of the building. But before he did so, he hid a wad of cash on the top most part of the building. He was never caught.

I can't remember any more details. And sorry it wasn't sexy enough

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