Guys of reddit, How was your first masterbating experience?

Well, there's my first orgasm experience and then there's my first masturbation exerience. Let's being with the former.

Sometime in elementary school, probably around 3rd grade (so I was 8-9 years old) I was swimming in our backyard pool like usual. But for the first time ever, I realized that it felt really satisfying to pull down my swimming suit and let the water pump blast water onto my prepubescent cock and balls. I sort of just hung onto the edge of the pool, letting it pound my groin until suddenly it felt really good for a few seconds. I was bummed when I no longer felt satisfied so I swam away. I continued doing this for the rest of the summer.

Now, my first masturbation story. I was in 6th grade. Keep in mind I'd never learned what had been going on in the pool. But anywho, my friends and I were talking during lunch. I'd heard a lot of the other kids at school talking about "being horny" and obviously since I was a clueless kid I didn't know what it meant. So I told my friends out of the blue "I'm horny!!!".

My friend Jon replied "So go masturbate". Confused, I asked, "What does that mean??"

He was kind of frustrated/annoyed and just spat out "It's when you massage your dick!!!"

So I left the lunchroom and went to the bathroom. I locked the stall door and literally massaged my dick with my thumb and index finger on each hand. Nothing was happening. Frustrated, I returned to the lunchroom.

A few days later I explained my predicament to another friend. He just told me, "masturbate by doing this" and then he motioned the masturbating motion to me. So that night while I was taking a bath, I did it. I just shook my dick like I was told.

I was such a dumbass that I didn't even know what I was about to experience, or even that this was sexually related. So the whole time I never associated it with my pool experiences, and I don't even think I was thinking about sex while jerking off. Suddenly, I experienced an orgasm! I remember being really scared but it felt good.

And thats the story on how I developed my masturbation addiction.

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