What made your character an adventurer?

Was a farmer in a small village that relied on wood from the nearby forest. One day an older druid came to my farm to explain that lately we had been cutting down too many trees. I was young, curious, and not really well taught about the forest other than stay out of it. The druid kindly took the time to explain to me about how it wasn't just the home of trees and animals, but dryads and fey as well. He taught me about the types of plants. He even taught me that about magic and how druidic magic could not just help me to use less wood, but could make my crops grow better, provide more clean water for the village, even protect us from the occasional bandit and goblin.

I was impressed and amazed. I knew right away I wanted to know more. After some convincing I left with the kindly druid to join his circle and learn more. I did eventually go back and help the townspeople a bit. I convinced them to have a few more people to learn the ways of the druid and help out our little village. The village now has enough druids to live sustainably from the land without needing to take too much and to protect itself from outside threats.

I was pleased, but knew I wanted to know more about the wider world. If I was able to learn this much from just the nearby forest, what could I learn from the rest of the world.

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