What is the most cringey, "tacticool", borderline illegal security uniform/vehicle that you have seen?

I've had an officer tell me to, "Grow some balls," because I was physically unable to lift and remove an obese, extremely drunk woman that was dumped on my property by a taxi. Never mind the fact that this woman was much taller and heavier than I was. And no, this officer was not joking, he was just being an asshole to me for no reason. He then proceeded to be an asshole to the drunk woman for some reason.

I have had plenty of good and healthy interactions with the police, but when we call you and need your help, we called you because we do not have the tools or resources to solve a problem by ourselves. Peace keeping is a marathon, not a 50-yard dash. Even those "low on the totem pole" situations contribute to the greater peace of the society at large. If a call is seriously unnecessary, then tell us, but in all situations, we should always maintain decorum and be mindful of our speech.

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