Spooky stories?

I have 2. I worked at a shopping mall graveyard. We had a new security truck and it was the first time driving a truck so I was taking it for a spin in the open parking structure on the roof. There was this lady that ran across maybe 20ft in front of me then ran back where she came from. I stopped the car scared out my mind. Arguing with myself that it wasn't a ghost because im an atheist. I was new there and the valet guy wanted to tell me about the ghost stories but I had cut him off saying I dont believe in that stuff. I went back to him and he said there was a lady in a white gown that gown was faded and had curly hair. It was exactly to the tee what I saw. Another story is I worked 2 yrs at a high rise building directly across the building Notorious B.I.G was killed. No relation to the story. The top 2 floors 16 and 17th floors was 1 big penthouse. It had been vacant going on 2 years. I worked the grave shift and it was so quiet up there and had the feeling of someone watching. Cleaning crew will leave at 230 every night they told me they had experiences of being touched. There was a room inside the penthouse that I had to check sump pump room in the 17th. My post commander told me it had busted overnight and why I didn't report it. I hadn't been up there in over a year. She told me to check it tonight because it might bust again. I felt like I got drafted in vietnam. I was scared shitless but I checked the room real quick and headed down the 16th floor to exit to elevator when I heard a door close on the 17th. I froze like a statue. There was no one at that time, im all by myself no tenants or cleaning crew especially in a vacant floor. I got out of there and never went back there again.

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