What is the most embarrassing straw man you've ever read by a philosopher?

You already forgot the comment you replied to! Hilarious!

Having already explained why feminism and naturalism are mutually exclusive at length, several times, I illustrated the concept with an analogy- naturalism and Christianity. These are mutually exclusive for similar reasons.

Evidence of gender-based oppression can and is collected through empirical evidence.

You seem not to know what empiricism means. You probably need more help than I am willing to give you, but I'll point out that "gathering evidence" does not satisfy the requirements. Feminist epistemology has an inherent confirmation bias. Feminism does not attempt to falsify the existence of gender-based oppression. Feminism assumes from the outset that it exists. If you are so certain that feminism is empirical, show me a few examples of prominent feminists that attempt to falsify the existence of oppression. It should be easy. If you can't, it will support my thesis.

Many feminists are also naturalists and work in analytic philosophy.

Go ahead, show me the falsifiable hypotheses that attempt to prove that there is no inequity, or that women are inherently weak. You did say that "many" feminists have done this work. So it should be easy.

We're approaching 20 comments in opposition to mine, and not one, including yours, can even attempt to show so much as one substantial example that contradicts my statement. Not one. It's a pathetic example of intellectual impotence. And a perfect example of feminism in action. "You're wrong! MANY feminists attempt to falsify the existence of oppression!" "Whom?" "You're wrong!" You want your assertion to be taken as fact not because you can prove it, but because you feel it's true. And my empirical insistence on proof is fighting words to feminists. Which is what I said in the beginning. Feminists are opposed to and villify empiricism and rely on feelings as a measure of truth. That's what you're doing.

So, where are a few of those "many" examples? You're not going to just surrender, are you? C'mon, prove me wrong! Empirically!

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