Cheating is common but...

Do you think having a father like this guy would be helpful to the growth of his kids?

I don't have any idea. I only read one sentence about him. What kind of judgmental cunt would decide the fate of a family based on that? What kind of fucking lunatic would destroy the bonds children have with their fathers without knowing if he's honest, kind, attentive, disciplined, and so on. I mean, what if the kids love him? You don't give a shit about the kids or their feelings. You would break their hearts and damage them for life just to satisfy your pathologic need for revenge, BASED ON ONE SENTENCE. You're sick.

I agree that it will be very, very difficult for the mother to raise them alone (if she decides to take this route) but it would ultimately help all parties involved, children included, to not have a father who clearly hasn't left his teenage years.

How the fuck do you know he hasn't left his teenage years? That you would define a person by so little suggests that maybe you haven't left your teenage years.

Forcing yourself to stay with an asshole of a husband would do more harm to the children.

I didn't suggest that. I asked why you want to hurt the childrenF and why mommy deserves money.

The relationship is doomed from the start isn't it?

I have no idea. I don't judge people by one sentence.

You think breaking up the family during the child's teenage years would be better?

Why does the family need to be broken up? That parents live in different places only means the couple is broken up. Each of them, and the children, can still have a healthy, happy family. Unless some sick cunt starts a battle because she doesn't mind harming babies if that's what it takes to satisfy her lust for revenge.

Think ahead. You're thinking of a temporary solution to a long term problem.

What's temporary about mom and dad splitting up, Sharing parenting, and not having a battle, and not trying to publicly shame and villianize someone the children love?

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