what was the most shocking thing you heard the 'quiet kid' say?

Alright, throwback time. Let me just say now that this is a 100% true story, despite how fucking ridiculous it may seem.

Back in high school, there was a kid with very severe autism. Let's call him Gary.

Gary was very smart, but very introverted, and detached socially (for obvious reasons) but the nature of 15 year old boys is curious (and ignorant). Gary would get picked on regularly, and frequently called names like "retard" or "mute". On very rare occasions, he would snap and the teacher would intervene, but 99.9% of the time he would sit and take it.

Now, for some reason, and I swear to fucking god, Gary would get extremely unsettled the sight or mention of the word "spaghetti". I remember the day that this discovery was first made, and he was tormented for that whole year. It got to the point where using the "spaghetti taunt" would get you suspended for a week. Noone ever knew why, but he would get clearly uncomfortable and eventually vomit. Maybe he just really hated spaghetti, but when you have 10 kids taunting you on a daily basis and a severe social disorder, it seems natural to feel sick in a situation like that.

Fast forward to senior year, where everyone is bigger, smarter (and often crueler). Gary has been forgotten, I suppose the novelty of taunting someone with severe mental health issues died out after 2 years of unending bullying. However, one day he was brought up in conversation because someone had brought spaghetti for lunch. We're all 2 months away from finishing high school, , and remembering some of the ridiculous things we did.

All of a sudden, one of the dumber, meaner kids (who was one of Gary's original bullies) decided it would be hilarious to see him puke one last time. So, he grabs the spaghetti, walks over to the corner where Gary is sitting, alone, and dumps it right on his head.

Gary doesn't move for about 10 seconds, while everyone laughs. He then stands up and turns around slowly, and headbutts him right under the chin. He falls to the ground, and then Gary climbed on top and just started beating him with his own head. I mean absolutely hammering this guy, forehead to nose. When someone finally intervened and pulled Gary off, they were both covered in vomit and blood. At this point, Gary is just laughing. Laughing his heart out, as everyone else in the cafeteria is silent. The guy who just got the shit kicked out of him is clearly shaken up, and yells "What the fuck is wrong with you?" Gary immediately stops laughing, turns, looks at him and says "I was just using my head", and bursts into laughter again.

You can bet noone ever bothered Gary again.

TL:DR a boy with severe autism gets bullied for the majority of highschool, ends up sending a kid to the hospital with a broken nose and concussion.

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