What do you not understand about YOUR OWN gender?

Pretty much manliness has to do with things that exhibit strength, confidence, value and things that are viewed as aesthetically pleasing. The better a man portrays himself the higher his perceived value in society is, the higher his standing, the more people are going to like and be attracted to him. Think about this from a biological evolutionary point of view. We have have changed as a society, but biologically we are playing with the same tools we had back when we lived in caves. Sometimes in todays society we can look past some of this but make no mistake its a very real thing. If you work past middle management, there is only one kind of guy you are going to see, type 1 personality, powerful men exhibit tons of masculine characteristics. Think about this from another point of view. Do you ever see that guy who is dumb as rocks and a complete douchebag? Yet he has a wonderful girlfriend who is beautiful and intelligent. Its for the same reason. It makes a lot more sense if you start viewing humans as animals as well and not as some special unique thing, but a creature who had to develop and evolve ways to ensure the best chance of successful reproduction to ensure the longevity of the species. For a real life example I want to talk about emma watson. She is an intelligent, educated, well spoken feminist. What kind of guys would she choose to date, as she could date almost anyone? Some wildly successful intellectual. Right? Matt Janney. Captain of his rugby team, tall and broad shouldered, wearing a rugged beard.. The man is beautiful but incredibly masculine. Being manly is very important in society, even now, what's ridiculous is when someone assumes wearing a pink shirt or listening to katy perry has any bearing on masculinity. In fact wearing a pink shirt can be very manly by showing confidence and comfort in your skin.

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