Reddit, how would you describe your group of friends?

Yay! An opportunity to brag about my friends!

I went to a prestigious university with a lot of type-A go-getters, young entrepreneurs, and frat/sorority folk. I don't really fall into any of those categories, and had a relatively small group of friends until I moved into a large co-op on campus my Junior year. For those who aren't familiar with what a co-op is, it's basically like a communal, co-ed frat house for hippies. We do all of our own grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and house management. We also do a lot of drugs. Drugs have always been at least part of the house culture, but my senior year was uniquely crazy, I think. We would have house events where, for instance, we would rent a huge cabin in the woods and everybody would go take hallucinogens, or we would bring blankets and pillows out to the lawn, take molly, and have a massive cuddle orgy under the stars while we talk about our feelings. Or sometimes we would get a couple kegs, some coke, hire a DJ, and throw a massive party. You get the point. We all really like to fucking party. But while drugs really helped bring our group together, they aren't what make us so god damn cool. What makes us cool is that we are all very, very different. There is no pressure to conform to any standard of "cool". If you are a friendly, open-minded person, you can roll with my crew. We really don't give about how you dress, or what music you listen to, or anything like that. Some of us are really into fitness, others making music, others playing video games. We have really formed a community that embraces individuality and promotes tolerance and acceptance of all lifestyles. If you like to do ketamine and listen to Enya, good for you. Wanna grab a case of beer and go play golf? Do it! Wanna bake some cookies completely sober? Fuck yeah!

I hang out with a lot of different subsets of the group at different times for different things, but when we all come together is when we have to most fun. Like when we all decide to go to a music festival or live show. There is certainly strength in numbers when it comes to the dance floor. We all love to dance to live music, and that's a lot easier to do when your surrounded by all of your best friends who are dancing as hard as you are. We know how to be the life of a party.

I just think it is a rare and beautiful thing to have a group of 30+ guys and girls who I can call my best friends. I love the shit out of each and every one of them, and I know they love me too.

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