What’s the dumbest thing a customer has said to you

Ok short story I work at a appliance shop we have rules on deliveries one being we do not install due to insurance reasons. We tell every customer and have them sign paperwork stating we do not install.

Fast forward I sold an appliance and I was the same person to deliver it after I delivered it to the spot they looked at me and said aren’t you going to install it? I said no we cannot they replied with I wasn’t told that so I looked at them and said I sold you this I told you I also had you sign for it it’s on the receipt.

They started screaming I’m a liar and that they are the customer and the customer is ALWAYS rights

I laughed and said nope this isn’t the era of that anymore your wrong have a nice day

They went ballistic screaming at me that the customer is always right over and over and how dare I argue with them

Walked out the house drove off they called my boss he talked to me and the other guy didn’t get in trouble at all

So the whole customer is always right bs is gotta be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard yelled at me

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