What do you want to see in The Sims 5?

For the most part I don’t want anything completely new to the series, but current features and systems to be tweaked or improved upon. The creation suite in TS4 was super detailed and put a lot of RPG games (of the time) to shame. Expanding on that even more would be great.

We finally have the capabilities to enjoy an open-world Sims game with no—or very minimal—loading screens. This is something that I would say is a MUST HAVE. I’m ready for that seamless immersion, babyyyyy.

Speaking of immersion, TS4 obviously does great in that department, such as the nice facial animations, but I think TS5 can do a lot more to make the game world a more interactive, realistic place. More relationship and romance options, more dialogue choices, in-depth career/school system. Basically things that by themself seem trivial, but when they all act as one it makes the city or town your sim is living in feel like a living, breathing neighborhood.

More intuitive AI. This is something that we’ve been asking about for a while now, and while TS4 makes a few right steps, there’s a lot to be fixed and improved upon. It’d be amazing to have a mechanic that allows you to build a routine with your sim(s). An AI that notices your sim comes home from work and immediately jumps in the shower, eats, uses the bathroom, then goes to bed. Over time the AI starts to configure a routine based off this, so that your sim still does these things even when you’re not actively controlling them.

Cars need to return

Spiral staircases

There we go

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