I have an interview at McDonald's on Friday

If I can make my interview an empowering and therapeutic experience for my interviewer, I call that a win.

Put yourselves in their shoes. In my shoes.

You're desperate for help. You're understaffed. You just worked 11am to 3am three days in a row because there's nobody else around.

You posted the job. You got applicants. While covering shifts for the employees that you don't have, you fought for the highest wage you could get from the corporate office and think it's fair. $16.31/hr, full benefits, union representation, 3 weeks vacation, 1 hour paid breaks taken whenever the employee wants, free airport parking ($15/day) even when you're not working. People apply.

While working your vacant positions... while working 11am to 3am multiple days in a row... you find the time to go through the hiring process.

Countless resumes reviewed

Countless phone calls. Most don't answer. Most don't call back.

273 interviews scheduled

8 showed up

6 didn't like the hours even though they were in the job description

2 didn't have transportation

I don't work for McDonalds. I work for a company that manages parking at an international airport. Our only job requirements are clean background check and clean drug test. They also need to have their own transportation because the closest bus stop is a 3 mile walk from the airport. Realistically, the cashiers spend 90% of their shift playing on their phones and we don't care. There's no rule against cell phone usage here. Maintenance only works hard in the winter, when there's a snowstorm. Otherwise they're doing about 2 hours worth of work per shift and just hanging out onsite for when something goes wrong. A jammed machine. A customer crashing through the gate arm.

It's easy work and, I think, fair pay. Good benefits. A union.

If I had someone show up that was only playing games with me I'd be furious. Heartbroken. Defeated. Frustrated. Just reading about it and knowing that that hiring manager has to deal with that ignorant bullshit makes me mad on their behalf. I don't want some self-important social worker coming in to play games with me and turn our interview into an impromptu therapy session. I want employees.

You forget that hiring managers are people too. We're overworked. We're stressed. We're doing the best that we can and when you pull petty childish shit like this you're not hurting the company. You're just hurting some mid-level manager that has absolutely no control and no influence. You're not going to change anything. You're not part of a movement. There aren't large numbers of people all over the place doing this and making a statement that's going to reach the ears of anyone that can make a change.

The company I work for is amazing and I've never been treated better. A year ago I was a cashier making $15 an hour and praying that someone would just give me a chance. I didn't have the resume for management, but I had the skills. This company gave me that chance. I've been promoted twice in the last year. When I asked for a raise at the 6 month mark in my then-new role they gave me what I was asking for, plus another 5%. They're good to their employees and strongly believe in helping their employees grow personally and professionally. They run a company university to teach skills relevant to our industry and hire/promote from within at every possible opportunity. I say all this to say that this company is worth this period of being overworked and stressed trying to cover shifts that I don't have employees for.

I read through this subreddit because, even as a hiring manager, I love this new employee empowerment and I love hearing about bad bosses get what they deserve. I'm only a year removed from dealing with bad bosses, myself. I love seeing people organize and fight for better employee rights and treatment.

This post is a terrible example of what you should be doing. It does nothing but make the OP feel good about themselves and waste some manager's time with an applicant that's just playing games.

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