You’re in the world of pokemon what do you do?

Pokemon exterminator/hunter. Given the amount of destruction they cause there would be a market and what seems to be an untapped market in that universe and the level of tech we possess I would exterminate pokemon and then trade in Pokemon leathers, meats, memorabilia, and taxonomy. I would have a good reputation with the majority of the population who are sick of their homes being destroyed by Pokemon battles, and that good favour would buy me goodwill with the governing bodies affording me all sorts of legal protections. Given my monopoly on the market and my ability to farm and cultivate them at will, I could also undercut all other protein sources and eventually run one of the largest meat conglomerates in the world, and then slowly raise prices. Basically I would become as big as Tyson, Cargill, JBS, and Marfrig combined. Pokemon skins and leathers would replace most synthetics also making me the largest textile company. My electrical and "water production plants" would do the same. Basically, when asked "what am I going to do today?", I would answer "try to take over the world".

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