What is the weirdest thing someone has gotten angry at you for?

I was working crowd control for one of the parades at Disneyland. My job was to be a crossing guard and let the guests cross the street during certain parts of the parade. When the crossing was over, anyone who didn’t make it to across in time waited on the ramp behind a rope. We made it very clear to them that it was not a viewing area and they would have to cross the street when there was a break.

Obviously, when I wasn’t letting people cross, I couldn’t stand in the middle of the street, so I would wait by the ramp. Since it’s not a legal viewing area, I didn’t feel bad standing in front of the guests instead of off to the side like my coworkers. This really upset this middle aged man who was bitching about how he couldn’t see the parade (even though the floats are like 15 ft tall) because I was “too tall.”

I’m 5’1.

(Admittedly, this man was probably around my height, give or take an inch, but still. I’ve always been the shortest girl in my class, so no one has ever described me as “tall.”

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