What would you do if you had the opportunity to inhabit a B330 for 60 days? What would you like to see accomplished in space?

What a wonderful question. I imagine that just about everyone who frequents this subreddit would be the type of people who would LOVE to spend a couple months aboard the B330 on Earth orbit!

For me, the entire goal would be to do everything I could to share my amazing experience up there with everyone else on Earth. If I knew I was going, I would feel so supremely lucky to be able to, so would solicit ideas from around the globe (like you are doing here) beforehand - especially from children, getting them more invigorated about the ideas of spaceflight for the future, and helping them understand it better. Some astronauts, like Don Pettit and Chris Hadfield to name a couple, even though they had a LOT of work to do up there on the ISS, took a significant portion of their scant personal time on orbit to educate and even entertain us all, which was so amazing to see.

I would be up there to not primarily do hard science like the ISS crew has to (I ain't a scientist or trained engineer), but rather I would be a "tourist". So, rather than not only keeping the amazing experience personal, I would do all I could to share every facet of it with the world, teaching others about an average guy being in space, living in space, working in space, and trying to let them live vicariously through me as publicly as possible - that would be paramount in my mind, so I would hope we had some solid uplink/downlink capability aboard! Give me some decent bandwidth! I would definitely do an AMA or two from up there, that is for sure! Let the public ask questions about my journey as it was happening - sharing all I could about the experience.

The biggest restriction of course, in terms of experiments I could bring along to conduct, would be liftoff weight constraints, because it sure ain't cheap to bring things along beyond the absolute necessities! Hi-res photography and filming of the Earth and the infinite universe beyond would be a given I think, but so much else would be dependent on liftoff weight limits. I guess I would have to first know just how much "personal baggage" I could bring along, but I would do all I could to make sure every spare ounce was devoted to the concept of learning or showing something to the rest of the world about the supreme coolness of being in zero G on orbit above Mother Earth. As amazing a personal experience as it would be, the thrill of getting to share all of it with everyone else would make it so much more enjoyable for me.

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