What's a dream of yours that you've let go of?

I see mostly facetious responses here, but I will give a serious one: Acting.

I was in drama club in middle school and part high school. I loved it. However, I also played 3 sports (baseball, football, rowing), and I got a lot of shit from my friends/peers for being a "drama fag," and I was already abused for being the short, asian (half) guy, so so I quit and focused on sports. Fast forward to college, I'm taking public speaking courses, find out that's what I'm good at, and take another drama class. I loved it. I got into editing my own shorts using Sony Vegas, and then I got into editing and making my own hype movies using games like WoW, Counterstrike, and Left 4 Dead. However, I lacked the courage to pursue it as a career, so I finished my degree and got a job. Where? L.A., I think subconsciously hoping that maybe I would grow a pair and take some real classes, beg for work, and do what I wanted to do all along, even though Hollywood hates Asian men.

I focused on my career, but ended up hating it. I'd go to work, clock in, check my mesages, then go sit in my car and try to get rid of the knot in my chest. One day I had enough, spontaneously quit my job, traveled Asia/Australia for a year and then moved to Japan to teach English to elementary school kids (which was awesome), burning through my savings (not awesome), and now moving back to the US to find out that my parents have no savings and can barely make ends meet. I always hoped I could get back into acting somehow, and maybe that I was young enough to do it. But I don't want my parents to end up on the street, so I'm now trying to transition careers and somehow salvage some sort of pride while resisting the urge to jump off the Aurora Bridge.

It's probably not too late to get into a club and do some local work on my off days (Im 31.) But I have to take care of my parents, should probably try to find a gf, build up my network, etc.

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