What's a game you made up with your friends?

LOL. When I was 14 I basically made up my variety of playing "soccer" with pressed coca cola cans called "powerball", as a joke, that the rules kept changing to make it more ridiculous and the name was chosen to be ironic and bombastic (meanwhile it started when our principal banned soccer balls).

I remember I had, meanwhile I was acting, made rules about being able to step on the can and drive around with it, but other players could just kick you in the leg when you did that, and that was supposed to be inspired by "ice-hockey". It was totally a combination of soccer and ice hockey, with soda cans, that had regulated leg kicks, and "amounts of being able to push before it becomes un-sportsmans like". The game had some visceral one on one physical COMBAT.

They started to play that fucking joke of a game in my school like seriously even the total badasses would try it at some point, and get kicked in the leg but not make a fuss "because of the rules". And I remember some kid was for some reason really enthusiastic about it.

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