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Honesty, that my fucking girlfriend hates me. Why? Love her. I really fucking do. I shower her with love. Presents, care and attention. I take her to a work night out and she meets my best friend from the office and she won't talk to me. Stormed out the apartment we share. Because I went for a cigarette, which I offered her to come with me and such friend. They got on so well my friend from work asked if they could meet personally to be friends. (My girlfriend is my best friend. 10/10 will marry her. Never ever given a reason for her not to trust me. Friend from work 3/10 lovely, one of the lads. Gay even. Girlfriend hates it. Why?!?! I do nothing wrong. Help her financially, emotionally. Just be a. Best friend. I get hate. Nothing but hate. Why?! I do not understand. We are so unbelievably close. I kills me that she would think I would think about someone else. But I have given no reason.

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