When you really want the Win

You joke, but there are times where I think of a crazy combo mid fight that might exploit my opponents tendencies and then I surprise even myself by pulling it off. Not true combos mind you, but combos you just think up against an opponents patterns.

When I knew I would be a pac man main forever was when I once launched my opponent up with an apple, caught him with a grab/backthriw, tech chased him with a dash attack, and then followed up a forward tilt with a perfectly aimed (and read) wakawaka at an angle into a KO at 80% off stage. I knew he would jump right away if I could hit him with a forward tilt (he did this every time) and I predicted that with a perfectly angled wakawaka.

I still excited thinking about that game. I’ve hit a lot of crazy reads with the wakawaka since, but you don’t forget your first. Pac gang for life.

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