When you weren't totally sold on Hook and he finally debuts after months of hype.

John Cusack owns a record store with these two dudes as his employees. They’re these elitist music snobs so everyone has shit music tastes but them. So these skater kids try to steal some records, but are busted by Cusack and Jack Black. Cusack sees the records they stole and are convinced they’re either posers or they have more because they’re “cool” like him. So a few scenes later he walks into the store with something appealing to Jack Black playing but it cuts off into another scene with Cusack and his ex girlfriend. Scene ends and Cusack goes to Jack Black and other employee who are invested in this song and asks who’s playing. To which Jack Black informs him it’s the skater kids and thinks it’s fucking brilliant. Sorry if it’s too vague or goes off, im high.

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