AITA for not accepting my sister's apology?

Why is your SO so concerned about your sister? I’m so confused here. I don’t get it. She ran off with $2600 that wasn’t hers. Money that was going towards a house for both you and him. The fact your parents have thrown in the towel with her and now he’s terrified you have too…..he’s scared she’ll be shunned by the family? Rightfully so. If it was me I’d be taking her to small claims court and going NC for a very long time.

Can’t even imagine what your SO will do if you brought up taking her to small claims court, he’d probably have a stroke. You need to sit him down and figure out wtf is going on with him.

Also message your sister that you will be getting everything prepared for smalls claims court because you are done. That’s what I did with a friend. Guess who had money in their account the next day? Yup. Me.

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