Whinestone: I can't find the Squelch Button, "Wow!"

I dunno. Seems like the 'Sorry' emote was used mostly for BM. And I kind of like Amazing, because it gives a more varied ability to compliment a player for a really great combo, other then 'Well Played.' Though it'll be converted to BM shortly.

In a completely anonymous bubble there is zero accountability and inspiration for good sportsmanship. I play a few online games and they tend to remove the negative consequences for acting like bratty kids.

2000 hours in Dota 2 (the opposite communication approach to Hearthstone) and you get a toxic spammy player in NEARLY every game. I use the mute button liberally. So much so that I wish sometimes there was an OPT IN for communication. But it isn't just the grating against my 'personal feelings' that is the problem. The toxic community acts as a deterrent for new players, in a game that already has an intimidating learning curve.

As Hearthstone does. Given the complexity of the card interactions not to mention the vast number of them now and the difficulty in building a good deck to compete in EITHER Arena or ladder, it's hard enough getting into it without some asshat spamming "Sorry" or "That was a mistake" after I make every move. It just isn't FUN, it's grating, and I think the designers priority is fun first? Especially for a 'casual' experience? Sure you can mute but in 2-3 hour gaming session as a shy introvert, why MUST I mute everytime?

Besides, there IS chat. You can friend the person if you want to talk about the game (which I have done.)

I'm not necessarily advocating for the total annihilation of communication across online games. As I said, I wish there was a mute toggle that kept it's position from game to game. But the argument that people who find trash talk anti-fun should just toughen up isn't really a solid one. Some people have the ability to let stuff roll off their backs, others don't. Calling us whiny babies isn't really anymore productive then a pot smoking hippy SJW telling YOU to be more sensitive to everyone's needs. Everyone's different.

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