Hasan Piker's Twitch Stream Is the Future of Election Night Coverage

Behind the bastards did similar.

Robert Evans is definitely in a "haha things are fucked ah why do I have to be right" mode Chapo gets into but there are 3 things that help him

1.Despite being an explicit Anarchist bookchin and all. He openly advocates electoralism as helping with if not that then mitigating the damage. That even if things seem hopeless its better to help rather then add to the fire by not voting. He still advocates protests, riots and other things but he is still like "please vote". He in fact makes it clear that voting is important even if it doesn't feel revolutionary. Local politics and movement building isn't going to feel revolutionary but its necessary.

2.He in a recent worst year ever talked about how all the doom and gloom of civil war could be unlikely and he says that whatever happens americans have shown over the summer and fall we will make our voices known and heard despite all thats going on with the police we are still going and making it known we aren't gonna stop. That to him says a lot.

That to me says a lot about how he views people he trusts people if not governments to make if not good choices at least fight against the bad ones.

  1. hes not up his own ass in theory he has openly said hes not a big reader of theory. That helps a ton a lot of his ideology is all based on praxis and on the field reporting. which means it feels less disconnected.
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