White House reveals Biden plans for gun control executive orders: ‘He’s not waiting for anything to fail’

You sampled 5 out of the 110, and found 1 out of the five sampled for the original OPs narrative.

No, that’s not what I did at all. None of the 5 random ones I selected matched OP’s criteria, and I only know of a single one this year that actually did (Atlanta).

Look through the list yourself and try to find a single one other than Atlanta that had a far-right political motive.


90% of them have descriptions like:

Five people were wounded after a drive-by shooting at a vigil. Police say the victims are uncooperative.

Following an argument, a man shot at a car of people, killing one and wounding three.

Two were killed and three injured after a drive-by shooting at a backyard gathering.

Four people were injured during a robbery in the South Side.

A shooting at a restaurant killed a man from Pennsylvania and injured four others. Police say the shooting was gang-related.

Four people were injured at a parking lot in Northwest Houston. Police say the incident was a case of road rage.

A conflict between two men led to a shooting at a birthday party, killing two and injuring three.

And if you dig up local news articles to get more info, you’ll find that these shooting stemmed from personal arguments, road rage, turf wars between gangs, robbery, etc.

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